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This is information about the race itself. If you’re interested in information on signing up to be a runner, these are not the droids you’re looking for… That’s on this tab.

We’re sure you’ve been to countless Galas, Golf Tournaments, and maybe even partaken in a charitable 5K run. But, a rare few have ever experienced the endurance-straining, muscle-cramping, sweat-inducing event known as the “Slack by the Sea” .5K. That’s right: point – five – K. 

On Saturday, October 19, 400 mammals will come together at Tim Finnegan’s in Delray Beach to test the boundaries of human endurance and will as they walk, run, or possibly even crawl a full half kilometer to raise funds for our veterans. 

While some may be professional runners, all of us are professional slackers foregoing Cliff Bars and Gatorade for donuts and beer. Many will come in costume, most will be clothed. ( We hope. )

(in)frequently asked questions

Whether you are an experienced runner, walker, car dancer, or slacker — this race is perfect for you.

Every runner (regardless of being an individual, team, VIP, or virtual) will receive a highly-coveted Slack Bag, filled with amazing goodies like: 2 tickets to the Chris Everett Charity Tennis Tournament, Death or Glory BOGO, passes for ImprovU and more…!

Slack by the Sea is an event created by the Help Our Wounded Foundation (dba. HOW Foundation of South Florida) to help veterans suffering from brain injuries and post-traumatic stress.

We’re too lazy to think of original things. We saw the race they created in Boerne, Texas and said to ourselves, “Hey! That’s just the kind of thing we need here in Delray.” Then, we spent the next 2 hours coming up with jokes and ideas for the race. It was a done deal from that point on.

Sure. Just be prepared for the fact you might not be able to slack and might have to carry them if they can’t manage the whole 546 yards.

Let’s face it: pets love to slack, and they’d be much happier slacking in the air conditioned comfort of their own homes. (Plus, it’s safer without those leashes and things in the way.)

Think you might be too lazy to stand in line the day of the race to get your registration packet?- We feel you. Packets will be available for pick up on Friday, October 18, at Fleet Feet Delray (1705 S. Federal Highway, #5, Delray Beach, FL 33483), from 3pm til close.

Clearly, we are all about slacking. So, heck yes. Uproot Hootenanny is an amazing band, Tim Finnegan’s is an amazing pub, the beer is amazing. What’s not to love?

Umm…no. Sorry to break your hearts, but we will not be timing this event. In fact: there may be some advantages to not having a timed event. However, if you do take your time on the course, you may miss the start of the after party.

Slacking is a rain and shine kind of thing — it’s a lifestyle. Unless there’s a tropical storm, hurricane, or other act of Mother Nature, we’re gonna be out there slacking. And, if we’re out there slacking, there won’t be any refunds. If you don’t show up, we totally understand. You win the “slacking game.”

Send a signal: call (561 – 450 – 6213), email (sarah@howfoundationsf.org), text (703 – 505- 8682), or send a smoke signal or paper airplane. Someone will get back to you and answer your query.

Anything your heart desires… except for Birthday Suits. (We don’t want you to slack that hard.) As long as there is no nudity and costumes are PG-13. This is a family friendly event, so let’s not make any slackers uneasy. Costumes are strongly encouraged — we will even have rewards for awesomeness in the costume department.

course map

Slack by the Sea .5K - Course Map

What to Expect

10:00am: Registration opens with lots of games and donuts
11:00am: “Race” (yes, we chuckled as we typed this) officially begins
12:00pm: Race concludes & After – Party Begins (Does the name “Uproot Hootenanny” ring any bells?)
2:00pm: After Party officially concludes, but let’s be real: who doesn’t want to hang around at Tim Finnegan’s for afternoon Shenanigans?

Uproot Hootenanny

slackers' alert!


There will be a VIP area.
And, you will probably regret not signing up for it in advance, because we just might sell out. 

What is a VIP area at a Slack Race, you might ask? 

For the true slackers of the world, we’ve created a special VIP area inside the air-conditioned atmosphere of Tim Finnegan’s where these elite slackers can watch the race from inside the air-conditioned comfort with free food and a beer on comfy couches and chairs. (That’s right; they don’t even have to run the race.) Our VIPs will also have access to free massages & other treats that the other slackers won’t.

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