Event  🦥  Details!

  Saturday, October 16, 2021

  Registration @ 4PM • Race @ 5PM

  Old School Square • 51 N Swinton Ave, Delray Beach FL 33444

General Things!

We’re sure you’ve been to countless Galas, Golf Tournaments, and maybe even partaken in a charitable 5K run. But, a rare few have ever experienced the endurance-straining, muscle-cramping, sweat-inducing event known as the “Slack by the Sea” .5K. That’s right: point – five – K.

On Saturday, October 16, 400 mammals will come together at Old School Square in Delray Beach to test the boundaries of human endurance and will as they walk, run, or possibly even crawl a full half kilometer to raise funds for our veterans.

While some may be professional runners, all of us are professional slackers foregoing Cliff Bars and Gatorade for donuts and beer. Many will come in costume, most will be clothed. ( We hope. )

Ticket Options

There are a variety of ways to participate (or not!) in this year’s event. To register, click here.


The classic slacker experience.


General admission to the event includes loads of fun!


Elite slacking, with perks!


The best event experience - check out the details below.


For those slackers 12 & under.


This event will be big fun for your little ones, too!


Teamwork makes the dream work.


Groups of four or more can register together and save a little dough.

VIP Team

The true dream team.


The best VIP experience involves friends, of course!


Skip the event, but get the swag.


We'll send you a full swag bag and lots of gratitude.

Decided which ticket you need? Register now!

VIP VIP Hooray! 🎉

VIP Crown

Special-er slackers will get all these amazing perks. The best part? YOU can be one of them!

To get all these perks, just select the VIP option when you register. VIP spots are limited (or they wouldn't be special!) so get yours now!

  • Skip the Race!

    Get credit (and a medal!) for running the half kilometer even if you don't feel like it.

  • Super Slack Bag!

    Get a special Slack Bag with all the normie swag and then some!

  • VIP Lounge!

    Would it be VIP without a special members only section? The Lounge will be provided in the covered loggia of OSS, complete with couches and an elevated view for the Cracker concert.

  • Free Food!

    There will be a variety of yummy options available to satiate your appetite.

  • Free Drink!

    The first one's on us! You'll get one drink ticket to spend however you please.

  • All the Donuts!

    So. Many. Donuts. More than you can handle. And no, that's not a challenge.

(In)frequently Asked Questions!

Nope. Whether you are a professional runner, walker, car dancer, or slacker — this race is perfect for you.

Slacking is a rain-or-shine kind of thing — it’s a lifestyle. Unless there’s a tropical storm, hurricane, or other act of Mother Nature, we’re gonna be out there slacking. And, if we’re out there slacking, there won’t be any refunds. If you don’t show up, we totally understand. You win the “slacking game.”

Anything your heart desires… except for Birthday Suits. (We don’t want you to slack that hard.) As long as there is no nudity and costumes are PG-13. This is a family friendly event, so let’s not make any slackers uneasy. Costumes are strongly encouraged — we will even have awards for awesomeness in the costume department.

There are a bunch of great options for public parking, including a city garage that is located adjacent to Old School Square’s Great Lawn (where Slack is taking place). 

Every runner (regardless of being an individual, team, VIP, or virtual) will receive a highly-coveted Slack Bag, filled with amazing goodies like:

  • tickets to future artsy things, like Palm Beach Improv Festival and Old School Square events
  • Slack Towel & amazing medal for bragging rights and to show off your Slacker prowess
  • ticket to our After Party featuring Cracker!
  • lots of sweet sponsor swag

Think you might be too lazy to stand in line the day of the race to get your registration packet? We feel you.

Packets will be available for pick up at a sponsor’s place of business (to be determined) the day before the event (aka Friday, October 15). We’ll update this info when we know for sure what local heroes will have that great honor.

Absolutely. Just be prepared for the fact you might not be able to slack and might have to carry them if they can’t manage the whole 546 yards.

Let’s face it: pets love to slack, and they’d be much happier slacking in the air conditioned comfort of their own homes. (Plus, it’s safer without those leashes and things in the way.)

Umm…no. Sorry to break your hearts. Stopwatches these days have so many buttons, and if you’re holding one, how do you also hold a donut and a beverage? On the bright side: there may be some advantages to not having a timed event. However, if you do take too super long on the course, you may miss the start of the after party. So don’t do that.

Yes. All proceeds from this event support the Help Our Wounded Foundation (dba HOW Foundation of South Florida). HOW Foundation was formed with the purpose of bringing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress. 

HOW’s mission has grown to support student athletes, equestrians, and others. HOW also diligently advocates for this restorative treatment to be made widely available. Learn more about HOW →

Hey, we get it — some people might have other (less fun) plans on this particular Saturday afternoon. If you can’t make our event but still want to see Cracker, we have two suggestions:

  1. Buy a ticket to Slack anyway ♥️ Your Slack ticket includes a ticket to the Cracker show, plus your hard earned money helps support the awesome work of HOW Foundation.

  2. Or, if you prefer, you can head on over to Old School Square’s website and purchase a ticket just for the Cracker show (donuts not included!)

Slack by the Sea will be following local, state, and national guidance, as well as the policies of our generous hosts, in order to keep all our Slackers safe and having a good time.

Old School Square has received nationwide attention and praise for their socially-distanced outdoor concert seating “pods”. If necessary, pod seating will be reintroduced for the concert. The race itself will take place in an outdoor area where it is possible to complete the .5K at your own leisure. You can space out or be as close to any participants as you would like. Masks are not mandatory, but are recommended for those who are not vaccinated.

We’re too lazy to think of original things. We saw the race they created in Boerne, Texas and said to ourselves, “Hey! That’s just the kind of thing we need here in Delray.” Then, we spent the next 2 hours coming up with jokes and ideas for the race. It was a done deal from that point on.

Just reach out however you prefer and one of our volunteers will get back to you.

Event Map!

2021 Slack Location Map